COVID-19 Response Service

A powerful 3 stage approach to minimise risk and maximise operational efficiency.


With the launch of our new COVID-19 response service, the team will be publishing the updated website very soon!  

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What sets us apart is our unique approach

As a specialist professional consultancy practice, we have the insight and focus to provide complete solutions to complex and challenging problems.  Our unique approach couples high calibre expertise across multiple disciplines to solve your problems across the 3 important service needs of Operations, Technical/Scientific and Claims.

SENTIO was built from the keel up to provide you robust support, leveraging our knowledge and experience to deliver results that make a real difference, with the underlying ethos of protecting your interests and mitigating your losses.

The capabilities are extended through our robust Expert Alliance program to ensure you get the best in class experts working on your project.  From varied technical projects, complex failure investigations and scientific analysis, through to operational support and resolving high value, contentious insurance claims.

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SENTIO Protect

SENTIO PROTECT® is our unique operational support service built exclusively for commercial and pleasure yachts under 500GT.  We strongly believe that the Superyachts below 50m have been neglected for far too long when it comes to robust shoreside operational support.

Management programs are geared for the larger commercial yachts where a more demanding regulatory and financial framework exists, but this are often overbearing for the smaller superyachts that do not need this level of compliance and operational oversight.

Our experience as a technical consultancy led us to take an engineered approach to solve this problem and we are taking shore support to another level...

Built from the keel up for Superyachts <500GT, SENTIO PROTECT focuses on providing a dynamic support service that really helps you run and maintain control of your vessel.

Delivering tangible results that make a real difference to the crew, the vessel and its owner.


A powerful preventative/predictive hybrid maintenance program building on your existing practices with the very latest in sensor technology, remote conditional monitoring and machine learning to predict failure.


A feature rich operational software platform integrating deck and engineering to reduce the administrative burden while increasing efficiency.


Robust consultancy expertise to protect your interests and maintain owners trust for incidents and claims.

‘We will help you mitigate against loss of use and charter income, lower operational cost, increase crew productivity and maximise asset value.’

Covid-19 Response Service

Reacting to client concerns we have developed an important addition to our wider operational support service SENTIO PROTECT® with a unique and powerful COVID-19 Response Service. Protecting the vessels themselves and their connected shoreside activities, from homes and offices to shipyards.

From the work carried out with our expert consultant virologist we concluded that a more holistic approach is needed to have any real impact in mitigating risk and increasing operational efficiency onboard.

The challenge is controlling the incubation and spread of the virus on contact surfaces and testing personnel regularly, at scale and with a sufficient result sensitivity to capture symptomatic and asymptomatic carriers at different stages of the virus incubation period.  These tools then need to be managed as part of a wider specific Covid-19 risk assessment and SOP to strengthen the Safety Management System.

So how do we test all the crew at say a weekly interval and have reliable results in real time so informed decisions can be made quickly by the Captain, to ensure the vessel is ringfenced and secure, while not adversely disrupting operations? Couple that with additional on/off movements from owners, charter guests, 3rd party service providers it becomes apparent that implementing external PCR lab testing with 24hr turnaround or having a Healthcare Professional attend onboard every time you need to test someone, is just not going to work.  That’s apart from the logistical challenge of vessels moving around globally.

To be effective and have an impact we believe a test program has to be ‘vessel self-sufficient’ and our approach is to empower the yacht to take ownership of the testing, but with robust training, support and oversight to ensure compliance and reliable results.  It appears the global regulations and restrictions surrounding covid-19 will be with us for some time and so a sustainable solution needs to be implemented.

We are all about engineering complete solutions and with the breadth of technical and scientific knowledge in our Expert Alliance we have developed a robust and reliable response service and we can deliver this worldwide.

Our powerful 3 stage approach

  1. A next generation long-term antimicrobial surface coating which gives up to 90 days of protection in a single application.
  2. Game changing ‘vessel self-sufficient’ Covid-19 test program with advanced thermal imaging scanners and CE approved field test kit giving reliable results from an Oral swab sample in just 30 mins for up to 40 tests.  With training and oversight from an experienced Healthcare Professional with laboratory support to ensure compliance.
  3. Expert Virology, Nautical and Health & Safety consultancy to assess safety management protocols and mitigate risk.
1. Vessel decontamination and Protection for up to 90 days in 1 application  

A next generation water-based, long-term antimicrobial surface coating, designed to inhibit the growth of microorganisms for up to 90 days after application. Once the coating has dried, it forms an invisible layer of “nanospikes” that penetrates the cell membrane and destroys them. Due to these “nanospikes”, the process of elimination is mechanical and not chemical in comparison with other long term solutions such as silver and copper.

This is extremely effective in both high and low traffic areas alike. The active ingredient in the coating is ECHA (European Chemicals Agency) registered to reduce a broad spectrum of microbes. The coating can be applied to and bonds with almost any surface - porous or non-porous, metal, leather, fabric etc.

'The coating doesn't just terminate existing germs on a treated surface, it actively protects against their existence for up to 90 days at a time.'

Electrostatic technology combined with experienced applicators enables the NORDIC CHEM coating to achieve 360 degree coverage to reach the side, underside and backside of surfaces. This gives you piece of mind that you have the maximum protection applied to combat the COVID-19 virus.

2. CE approved field testing for Covid-19 with results in 30 mins

To shore up the personnel testing we install advanced thermal imaging scanners that alerts the user and medical care officer if a high temperature indicating a fever is detected.  This is only an indicator symptom of Covid-19 but is a very useful tool for reducing risk as it provides daily monitoring and alert for secondary testing.

We do not just sell a Covid-19 test kit in isolation, under UK regulations there currently should be no self-administered Antigen (not the Antibody) field test that has CE approval, this is because of the intrusive nature of swab sampling and the need for SOP’s to be in place to ensure the field test procedure is carried out in accordance with laboratory protocols, otherwise the sensitivity claimed by the manufacturer will not be achieved and the results cannot be relied upon.  This can cause more harm than good as you then could be making important decisions about crew, owners’ usage, charter guests etc based on a false data.

Our approach is POC (Point of Care) CE approved IVD (in vitro diagnostic) Antigen field testing developed by one of the leading medical research universities in the UK, which they are providing through us on a commercial professional basis.

It requires a less evasive Oropharyngeal (throat) swab (the Uni is also working on a user friendly mouthwash version), combined with training and oversight of the medical care officer(s) onboard from our highly experienced Healthcare Professional with full laboratory support.  This empowers the vessel to take ownership of the test program while allowing us to ensure compliance by maintaining control to the manufacturers test procedures and adherence to the relevant parts of ISO 22870 Point-of-care testing (POCT) – Requirements for quality and competence.  

This IVD test kit gives reliable results in just 30 mins and crucially, allows for up to 40 samples to run in one go which is vital for testing regularly at scale.  Because if you take the only Antigen test device that we are currently aware of being sold into the industry, this requires a very intrusive Nasopharyngeal (deep nose) swab and only processes one sample at a time.  So even with a short result time of say 15-20mins, that means it will take at least 4-5 hrs to process a crew of 16, not even considering owners, guests, external service providers etc.    

We supply an initial SENTIO kit with all the equipment needed, professional healthcare training and top up IVD kits to match your testing requirement moving forward.

3. Expert virology consultancy assessing onboard protocols to mitigate risk.

With the above tools in place we use our virology, nautical and H&S consultancy expertise to assess the yachts operational risk profile by carrying out our specific Covid-19 risk assessment onboard and working with the vessel to put a robust SOP in place to strengthen the safety management system.  We provide full reporting and ongoing support to ensure the procedures in place align with changing regulations and update the risk assessment and SOP accordingly.

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SENTIO Expert Alliance

SENTIO are the exclusive distributor and Installer of the next generation Nordic Chem antimicrobial product for the Superyacht Industry worldwide.


SENTIO have exclusive access to the Enviro-Safe 28 advanced application systems, decontamination expertise and installer infrastructure for the Superyacht Industry worldwide. Together with their full range of products and services to combat Covid-19.

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“ We were made aware from insurance underwriters about their concerns of a number of local cleaning companies in the Med suddenly going from cleaning carpets to providing Covid-19 decontamination and they were somewhat sceptical of the robustness of the protection provided for the owner, crew and guests.  From the enquiries we made it appears these are low grade disinfectant applications that can only provide decontamination on the day of application with no ongoing protection.

So, we are seeing yachts paying to be disinfected at the start of a week’s charter and again at the end, requiring repeat applications over the course of a month.  This is disruptive for the crew, very costly and more importantly still leaves the yacht exposed between applications if Covid-19 incubates or is brought onboard.  As a result, highly disruptive protocols are still having to be put in place onboard.

With the high calibre technical and scientific expertise in our
Expert Alliance we were confident that we could engineer a more robust solution.  In development with our consultant Virologist and our service partners Enviro-Safe, Nordic Chem and Oxford University we now have a powerful defence for Superyachts worldwide. The capability to provide ongoing surface protection for up to 90 days in a single application and test for Covid-19 in the field with reliable results in 30 minutes is a gamechanger. “

James Hammond
BSc (Hons), CEng, CMarEng, FIMarEST, FRINA, MIIMS
Managing Director
SENTIO Superyacht Consultants Ltd

With the ongoing disruption worldwide we are receiving a high amount of enquiries.

To secure your date for application take the next step and request a customised quotation for your vessel or connected shoreside activities.

Confirmation from the show organisers that the Cannes Yacht Festival 2020 has been cancelled due to Covid-19 restrictions imposed by the authorities. We were excited to be showcasing our new service to the industry at Cannes so are now looking at alternative events and will provide an update soon.

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